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About Us

Mutz Cutz has been a successfully owned business for 12 years now. The shop building has seen a lot of changes in this time, starting as a pet shop, progressing on to becoming a dog grooming spa and finally now a training Academy as well. I believe that this has allowed me (Dawn) to appreciate every part of the process which I now teach my wonderful students. It has left me better equipped to spread knowledge on the business side of dog grooming rather than just the teaching. Which is invaluable within this industry, as many go on to either being self-employed or working within their own environment.

Hi, I am Dawn, business owner and dog grooming teacher. In 2009 I passed my dog grooming training level 3; it was onwards and upwards from that point. Grooming 2-3 dogs a day, taking them through the whole process myself, it soon became apparent that I was thoroughly enjoying what I was doing and the more customers and doggies which I met, the more I fell in love with my job. I then went on to further perfect my craft by completing the award for advanced dog grooming in 2013 and my groomer training course in 2017. I spent 4 years training to become a TTouch Practitioner level P2 and sharing the knowledge of this wonderful, gentle technique with many dog groomers throughout the UK. I did this by holding seminars at grooming events such as Master Groom, Groom Expo, Premier Groom etc… As well as teaching workshops at various colleges and grooming salons. I am now very proud to be offering grooming courses alongside TTouch training which will benefit new students joining the grooming industry as well as any existing groomer wanting to gain a new skill.

I did not complete these courses with the idea of becoming an Academy, but more because I had now grown the business and generated my own ‘standard’ of groom output. Which I wanted all my members of staff to meet before I was satisfied enough to hand over some of my clients which I had known for the best part of 8 years. When teaching my own staff, it became apparent that I was good at what I was doing and combined with getting a little bit older, I decided that I would take the leap and start up my own training academy for dog groomers. I have never looked back and enjoy it more and more every day, meeting new students and spreading my knowledge country wide!

Hi, my name is Ellie and I started working at Mutz Cutz in December 2015. Prior to this I was working at a boarding kennels which is where my interest in dog grooming was sparked. I had picked up a few things from the resident groomer, but I was inspired, I wanted to become a professional!

It was a sink or swim situation starting at Mutz Cutz at Christmas – the busiest time of the year – but I made it through (doggie paddle I think!) and since then have worked my way up from a bather/assistant to a full-time groomer (passing my OCN Level 3 in July 2018) and now to training others!

I have a degree in Animal Behaviour and Welfare and fully subscribe to the Mutz Cutz motto of grooming without fear or force. I have gathered lots of tips and tricks over the years and enjoy passing these onto my students to help them become the best groomers!